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Nowadays, the number of webshops and the proportion of products and services sold through them is constantly increasing, therefore we consider it extremely important to prepare the necessary documents for our Webshop owning Clients in accordance with current legislation, detailing the rights and obligations of the parties to prevent legal disputes. In this area, we provide the following services to our Clients:

Preparation and revision of general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions play an extremely important role in the operation of the webshop, as it contains all the rights and obligations related to accessing the website, registration and purchase, so that the entrepreneur operating the webshop and The preparation and updating of the GTC, which precisely regulates the rights and obligations of the consumer, is key during the operation of the webshop.

Preparation and revision of privacy policies

With the rise of e-commerce, data management has become central, as customers, unlike a personal purchase, need to share a lot of information about themselves in order to buy and receive the product and to use the purchased service. The result of the development of data management rules is the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR), for which we undertake the preparation of fully compliant data management information and the review of existing data management information for our Clients.

Preparation and revision of cookie policies

The special feature of browsing and shopping on the Internet is the “cookie”. When you visit a website that uses cookies, the cookies are placed in the your browser and will store certain anonymous information, such as the type of browser, the time of the visit, the usernames provided, and so on. This information helps the merchants operating the website to deliver their products or services to the right customers. However, the handling of “cookies” must be indicated on all websites and must be made known and accepted by users. We undertake to prepare and review information on the handling of “cookies” for our Clients.

Preparation and revision of a statement of withdrawal

As a result of the development of the European Union’s consumer protection regulations, consumers must also be guaranteed to withdraw from a contract related to products purchased on the Internet within 14 days after the product has been received, without giving any reasons. We also undertake to prepare the withdrawal statements required for the exercise of the mandatory right of withdrawal, which consumers can download from the website of the merchant operating the online store and return it to the merchant after filling it with the required information.

Legal representation in disputes

Despite increasingly detailed legislation on the operation of webshops and services provided over the Internet, disputes arise between traders and between the consumer and the trader. In such disputes, we represent our Clients both in out-of-court proceedings and negotiations, as well as in litigation.

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