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The following terms of use apply to the use of the website of the Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda, i.e. by viewing the website, the visitor accepts the following terms of use:

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  3. The Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda strives to continuously update the content of the website, however, it does not take any responsibility for the accuracy, validity or timeliness of the data and information posted on the website.
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  8. Unless otherwise indicated on the website, the Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda is the sole owner of the copyrights of the textual content and graphic appearance used.

Citing and non-business use of the textual content of the website is permitted, provided that the source (www.magyarugyvediiroda.hu) and the name of the Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda are indicated together, if the prohibition of the use of the downloaded material is not indicated on the website.

Copying or storing all or part of the website or incorporating certain elements, graphics or textual content into other websites or publishing them electronically, on paper or in any other way and using and reproducing of the textual and pictorial content of the website can only be held with the Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda’s approval.

  1. The publishments placed on the website are for the information of the public and do not bind to the Magyar Ügyvédi Iroda in any way. No publishment placed on the Website shall be construed as a contract offer or acceptance of a contract offer.
  2. In matters not regulated in these Terms of Use, the provisions of the Civil Code and Act LXXVIII of 2017 on the Activity of Lawyers shall apply.